Is it *really* so serious?

A man entered the secure area at Newark airport just by walking through the wrong door. Nobody stopped him.

Panic! Terror alert! Terminal closed for six hours.

Is it really so serious? I mean, I do understand that Americans have reason to be somewhat paranoid with airport security, but is this major, breaking news?

OK, I admit that I'm not helping by mentioning this in a blog, instead of silently ignoring the hullabaloo.

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  1. Found your site via a post on Frank Chalk---the "hysteria" at Newark not only caused panic in the streets--ok, maybe just the terminal, but my brothers' flight was CANCELED altogether. he was flying back to NYC from South Carolina. Not sure WHAT to think about security here in US airports. I mean, I would rather be "delayed" 3 hours than get blown up by a mans underwear! heard an interview with El-Al security head and he wonders WHY USA has not asked them about security. I wonder myself. All the bureaucratic nonsense in the USA often supersedes common sense. Then again, our nation is so large, I cannot fathom being able to implement a nationwide "standard"?? Interesting reading your thoughts from a non-USA perspective. One can get caught up in a bubble and forget the rest of the world! Enjoy the day...tis a bit FREEZING around here(NE PA USA) at -4C!

  2. Oops, didn't notice your comment until this. Yes, the U.S. is large, and diverse, and that is something that people tend to forget here. Still, for such a geographically large area, the U.S. is more uniform than e.g. Europe (EU). And they are attempting to produce standards for the union here, much to the amusement and ridicule of people.

    -4C doesn't sound that bad, I think the monthly average for this place was below that for all of December, January and February... daytime high stayed below zero for 60 days starting 29.12.2009.