Socialist Workers are fighting!

The Times tells us that the British Airways cabin crew are going to strike, and the last-minute talks to prevent industrial action collapsed when the Socialist Workers stormed the meeting.

Now this is remarkable! I can understand that it's hard for the BA people to give up benefits that have been around for decades, but the competition in the air industry has become very, well, competitive. What I don't understand is how they think that waving the placards of socialist revolution will help their cause. After all, if the revolution is successful, one could assume that most of them will be executed as class enemies, anyway. I mean, if you look for "lackeys of the international bourgeoisie", a stuert could probably be considered a perfect match.

One thing is sure: the whole show is very bad for their jobs. Even if they managed to win this battle, they would lose the war, because many of the passengers who have missed their flights and faced the uncertainty of not knowing if they can travel, will switch to use other airlines, and if BA cannot control their costs, they'll go bust.

Hey, it's market economy. Market economy is the worst kind of system, with the exception of all others.

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