Al-Qaida Cookbook

Al-Qaeda launches an English language magazine, in the hope of radicalizing
Western citizens.

But do they realize that the most likely targets for bombs cooked in Mom's kitchen are, of course, mosques and other Islamic targets? The idiots who bomb Al-Qaida's favourite targets (like synagogues) are most of the time somewhat literate in Arabic. English instructions aren't helping them too much. The idiots who would bomb Western Muslims or their religious targets most likely are only able to read English instructions. So they will be able to use this cookbook.

Naturally, you may say that Al-Qaida is not even trying to fight for Muslims; what they want is just to escalate things and have more war of everyone against everyone. And the people who kill most Muslims are, of course, other Muslims.

Anyway, I fail to see what good this publication does to any Muslim.

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