Emergency lines and slaves of TV

Britain is ramping down the analog terrestrial TV networks, as digitalisation goes ahead.

The Telegraph reports that "thousands of households were forced to phone emergency help lines as they discovered they could not watch their set."

This Big Brother society in Britain is getting a bit funny. People are forced to call 999 (equivalent of 112 or 911) if they cannot watch their set! I wonder what kind of penalties are set for those who don't call?

Oh, you mean they weren't actually forced by anyone? They were just in such a distress if they cannot see their TV programs like they're used to that they have to call emergency services? And they are not smart enough to figure out that some other place, like a shop selling new TVs, would be a better place to call than the emergency centre that sends ambulances to people who are dying or the police to people who are being robbed or burgled? That it's not really an emergency even if you cannot watch Coronation Street just now?

A religion that worships that idol in one corner of the living room - or idol of huge wall-mounted flat screen - seems to make people unable to think themselves.

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