I feel the urge for some whiskey

Only in Finland...

I don't really like whisky that much, but suddenly I feel the urge to get lots of it. The reason is AVI or "Aluehallintovirasto", the local office of regional administration which has decided that private persons are not allowed to write blog entries about whiskey, or the office will cancel the permit of Beer and Whisky Expo in Helsinki.

The organizers are of course not responsible for private blogs of other people at all. They have no way of enforcing this request. So they are just desperately pleading that people wouldn't talk about them so that they wouldn't lose their permit.

But no, the Finnish public just cannot take this any more. I hope AVI are now learning the meaning of Streisand effect. You'll see a lot of Finns post things like "whiskey whiskey whiskey" in Facebook. Our country even wants to join NATO just because in NATO alphabet, the code for letter W is "whisky". (As it, by the way, also is in the tradition Finnish defense alphabet).

I also hope that in the upcoming downsizing of Finnish government spending, the salary budgets at Aluehallintovirasto are the first one down.  This kind of ridiculous waste underlines how poorly we use our tax money. That needs to stop.

Hey people at AVI, you are useless. If you say you are just upholding the law, now's the time to stand up and say that the law is impossible to uphold, it is unreasonable and it is unconstitutional. It's your duty to ignore it. It's your duty to get fired rather than become complete clowns.

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