UK, what did you go and do?

A friend asked this after the UK vote to LEAVE.

My questions is: EU, what did you go and do?

This is a result of EU policies and also arrogance of EU leaders and the commission. As well as mostly europhilic press. A typical reaction from Helsingin Sanomat today: "it was a mistake by Cameron to let this vote happen".

Think about it. There's a political union, people are fed up with the way it is run, and they want to leave, and it's a mistake to let them vote about it because "they think of all the wrong things when they vote".

Well, they always do when they vote. Still, voting about things is the way democracies work.

Yes, sure, how to practically implement the exit negotiations is quite another thing. It is not going to be completely amicable, but there's not going to be a war between UK and EU about it. Nor is this immediately starting a war between France and Germany, which so many people have been telling is the whole point of EU.

Cameron doesn't know how to do it, Johnson doesn't know how to do it, Corbyn doesn't know how to do it. But someone will find a way. The referendum result will be impossible to ignore.

There are lots of misconceptions about what the EU withdrawal would mean. For instance, that you would need a visa to go to the UK, or that you no longer couldn't move there to work from other EU countries.

Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and many other countries, don't require a visa for EU member citizens to visit the country. Britain will not be different.

There will not be any large-scale pogroms where EU citizens are hung on lamp-posts, either. In the end, I hope this just means that the EU will finally start to come to terms that people in Europe are fed up with its political class who is telling that if you disagree, you are stupid, one of the little people, and to be ignored.

First action proposals: admit that the monthly parliament tour to Strasbourg is not from this century.

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