Women's pension euros

We've been told how women earn less than men during their working life; now we're told  by Talouselämä that women get less pension than men do.

Well, that's correct when we look at it as a monthly payment, because men have worked more years, more hours, and have earned more and paid more in pension contributions.

But if we look at the total pension pot paid out, on the average, the picture turns around:

Retiring age Life expectancy Average pension Total pension
Men 61.3 78.53 1848 € 382 092 €
Women 60.9 84.13 1453 € 405 038 €

So, women are, on the average, paid out about 23 000 euros more during their retirement - despite the fact that men paid more in to the system. 

Sources for this data:

Average retirement age: http://findikaattori.fi/fi/75
Life expectancy: http://www.tilastokeskus.fi/til/ksyyt/2003/ksyyt_2003_2004-11-02_tau_001.html
Average pension: http://www.etk.fi/elakejarjestelmat/suomi/elakkeensaajien-kokonaistulot/keskimaaraiset-elakkeet/

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