Do unto others...

Phil Jones, head of the now disreputed climate research unit in East Anglia University, says that he thought of killing himself and is receiving death threats.

Death threats are of course to be disapproved, but when a so-called climate sceptic John L. Daly died, Phil Jones commented that in an odd way, this was "cheering news".

Shouldn't you rather do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

The problem with CRU and IPCC work in general is now that it is making ridiculous the scientific method: not only should you base your science on measured observations, but your measurement data should be open for review by all researchers, and particularly, open also to those who disagree with your conclusions, not only those who agree with you. People speak about science and pretend to do science, but they don't even seem to know what science means.

I don't doubt that man's actions have some impact on the global climate. Whether the impact is such as the IPCC is insisting, is much more doubtful. Whether man's impact is greater than the impact of spontaneous changes in the Sun, for instance, is another matter. The whole circus seems much more about politics, control of a vast bulk of wealth given to the global emission trading system, and generally gaining control of other people's lives, which is always fun.

BTW, somehow I doubt the seriousness of Jones's suicide risk. I mean, he tells us that he considered suicide, but he doesn't tell us that he considered resignation. A PR agency at work, I would say.

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