A scary ruling

The Finnish Supreme Court has given a ruling that would make my hair stand straight if it weren't already so short that I can't comb it: a drug trafficker used a rental car to transport stuff, so he has to pay the purchase price of the rental car to the state.

Excuse me? I'm not known for being particularly sympathetic to drug dealers, but even with severe crime, punishment should be within reason. 19 000 euros of extra punishment because the dealer happened to take his backpack with 2.8 kilos of amphetamine in a rental car?

What's next?

If you transport drugs in a bus, you have to pay the price of the bus to the state? If you carry the backpack on a Finnair flight to Oulu, and are caught, you need to compensate the state with the price of an MD-82? If you carry drugs on foot, you have to pay for the construction cost of each meter of pavement that you used?

Or is it just that private cars are somehow different from any other transport, and requirement for reasonable punishment does not apply?

This is a scary ruling from the Finnish Supreme Court. It cannot be right.

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