No sleep in the evenings?

Have you felt lately that you can't fall asleep in the evenings? That could be because the length of days on Earth became shorter after the earthquake in Chile.

Okay, only by 1.26 microseconds per day, but anyway. It's the same phenomenon as when a figure skater does a pirouette: pull your hands close to your body, i.e. diminish the radius of rotating mass, and you'll rotate faster.

Other than that, I must commend the Chileans on good construction. Naturally, there was plenty enough of damage, but when compared to what happened in Haiti, the infrastructure and people in Chile seem to have been a lot better prepared for a major earthquake. Still, hundreds of people are dead and thousands need help. Not that much help is arriving because the Haiti relief effort has depleted the world's resources that are readily prepared for emergencies, so it is good that Chile has developed favourably over the past decades and is not in such a desperate status as Haiti.

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