Beer as a weight-loss substance

There is a myth that it's pretty okay to drink beer even if you try to control your weight, because beer is cold when you drink it and then your body heats it up, which consumes energy.

Time to do some math. If you consume a litre of 0 ˚C beer and heat it up to 37 ˚C in your stomach, it takes 37 kcal, or to use SI units, 155 kJ.

To take a particularly brutal example, the energy content of one litre of Bud Ice Light is 324 kcal, or 1356 kJ (can be calculated from here, 12 fl oz is 0.354 l; Americans speak of calories when they actually mean kcal).

Thus, heating up the liquid in your belly works as neutralization for the energy - if you mix 1 part of Bud Ice Light and 8 parts of ice water in your drink.

Someone has said Budweiser is like making love in a boat, but this is way beyond that. Try if you will, I won't...

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