This is going too far

Yes, child porn is bad. But now, in Sweden, one can be sentenced for possessing mere drawings, as a comics collector has found out:


I think this is going too far. Using a camera to take sexually explicit pictures of children is understandably a serious offense, and children can be hurt severely when preparing the pictures. And in any case the personal privacy of real children must not be breached by making porn pictures... but hey... we're talking about comics. These are drawings. Just drawings, made with pencils and ink, or drawing tools in a computer. No child was abused in making the picture. It's pure fantasy. Prosecuting based on this means it's purely a thought crime.

I suppose I should be careful when writing this. Anything that could be (mala fide) interpreted as being in favour of child porn is these days so bad that your messages in the Internet should be censored, you should be prosecuted, you should lose your family and children, you should lose your job... scary.

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  1. And, apparently, Swedish politicians are so scared of touching this subject that they don't want to say anything: