Wearing nappies in prison

Previously, I was wondering how someone could get just four years of youth detention for a cruel, premeditated murder in Sweden. Here's the opposite story: a 78-year old man goes to prison for assaulting a police officer, although he is so frail that he moves with a walking frame and wears a nappy and a catether. The assault incident happened at a nursing home where the man was in a confused state.

Somehow it looks to me that a young heavy offender is given an astoundingly light sentence, and an old light offender is given a heavy sentence. Why?

Perhaps the young offender is so scary that the police, courts and witnesses are afraid of him. The old man, on the other hand, is no danger to anyone, so it is safe to lock him up in a prison for an act for which he is hardly responsible. He might require some duct tape treatment at the nursing home, of course, like children at Helsinki day care (though this appears to be a universal practise).

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