No-death cars

News is that Volvo is developing 'no-death cars'. I.e. vehicles in which no one can be killed.

With some irony, we can note that these cars ought to be very popular
a) in Afghanistan (to replace tanks which are vulnerable to giant IEDs)
b) in use by criminals, who are otherwise gunning each other down
c) among senior citizens, considering that a substantial part of Finnish road deaths are actually just deaths on the road, i.e. old and sick people who die of a heart attack or other illness - the deaths are still counted as traffic deaths, because the traffic death numbers need to be inflated to justify taxation.

Most importantly, the cars should be used in hospitals, as replacements for emergency rooms. If the patients cannot die there, it will be a significant improvement for hospital performance.

This month's Moottori (3/2013) tells us that there were 21 road deaths in March 2012. One of them was a pedestrian (who stepped in front of a truck on a highway, from behind his car). Ten of them were killed by illnesses or seizures, not really any accidents. In some of these traffic deaths, the driver just died and the car stopped, without being damaged. A "zero vision" in road deaths will have to change its base of statistics some day.

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