Some miscellaneous notes, March edition

  • The governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus is called Panicos Demetriades. No wonder their banking system has Los Panicos. I am not making this up.
  • In many U.S. universities, room names are for sale. Not just lecture rooms have sponsors, but so do even bathr... I mean toilets. Lavatories. Loos. So who's the sponsor for a men's room in a Harvard building? Professor Falik. I am not making this up.
  • The Head of Sports at City of Helsinki wants to have a company car whose emissions are larger than the allowance in the car policy of the city. His grounds for exception request? In case there is an oil disaster at the coast, he'd be able to drive to the site. What he'd do there, no one has an idea. I am not making this up.
  •  Bjørn Lomborg argues how the Earth Hour is harmful. Well, he's finally seen the light.
  • Vatican published a tribute to Benedict XVI... in Comic Sans, the most misused typeface ever. They made this up, not me.
  • I just realised that Jerry Pournelle is still alive. And kicking.
  • To those who are repeating the Supersize Me party line: man eats his 25000th Big Mac. He is slim, trim, and well. I am impressed. The supersizing problem is not with the Big Mac, it's the fries and soda. 

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  1. The University of Helsinki has lecture rooms named after corporate sponsors, too. Not toilets, though, AFAIK.