Chasms in bike roads

Spring is here. Ground frost is thawing. And that means trouble for us bikers.

On some of the bike roads, chasms about 5 cm wide have opened, and they are deep - deep enough to swallow the front wheel, which is going to teach bicyclists to fly. Not for too long, though - and hopefully none of us need wings after the landing.

Councils haven't been able to clean the roads, so likely they won't be able to fix the chasms either. What would help? Perhaps a bicycle tax of 100 % on sale of new bicycles, to be used on fixing roads? Roads for cars are serviced; not too well, but it seems they won't dare to leave them completely unmaintained because car drivers pay so much tax that not fixing the roads would amount to killing a milking cow.

I suppose bicyclists need some milking as well.

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