Gay Heads and Helsinki KKK

CNN carries a story about a wind farm which is planned in the Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts, a sea view enjoyed by many rich and famous people - for instance, the Kennedies at their place at Martha's Vineyard. The project has been going through red tape for about ten years, and the battle goes on.

It is fairly natural to have differences of opinion about whether a wind farm is a good thing on a seashore, and at this location in particular. What I find unnatural is that they have a thing called Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head. What on Earth is that?

The fact that I find this name funny - I don't know what it is but the name is funny - is probably because of similar reasons to the fact that many Americans were severely annoyed by the old abbreviation and Internet domain name of Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, or Helsingin Kauppakorkeakoulu ( http://hkkk.fi ), believing it is a local branch of the Ku Klux Klan and prompting them to send hate mail.

So, what's a Tribe of Gay Head?

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