Science and secret data

The Times reports that Queen's University in Belfast will need to hand over data to so-called climate sceptics due to the British Freedom of Information Act.

Unlike Douglas Keenan, who was requesting the data, I don't suppose this data is really valuable for reconstructing temperatures in history. What amazes me is that the researchers in the university want to hide the data. Why? Do they think that sitting on the data would achieve anything good? The only outcome of this refusal to hand over the data is more conviction of the climate sceptics that the anthropogenic global warming theory is a hoax, based on secrecy, monopoly of information and possibly forged data.

Scientific method is about openness of how the research was done. The climate research is in serious trouble if it does not understand the basics. Its credibility among the general public, particularly in Britain, suffered already terribly in the so-called Climategate. That should have taught a lesson.

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